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About Us

Our major focus, is to provide long lasting and emotional memories for all our customers.!

We aim to be the customer’s first choice in the industry of professional photography in Nigeria.!

We ensure that all our studio locations are always very neat at all times for our customers.

Founded in February 2018, with sister companies in Abuja and Osun State, 363 Photography studio, Nigeria is a one-stop shop for all things photography, with a well equipped studios for photography and make-up, as well as a production studio for image printing, production of photo books and photo frames.

Ultra HD
We invest all our professionalism, commitment and care to provide the best quality.
Customer Relationship
We ensure that we initiate a good relationship to help us understand their needs

Some FAQs

Do I have to make an appointment?
We recommend making an appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome. However, if you decide to walk-in, you may have to wait.
You may also call for same-day appointments.
How long does it take for pictures to be ready?
Pictures taken during the week (Mondays – Fridays) are delivered 24hours after selections.
Pictures taken on weekends (Saturday – Sunday) are delivered Monday evening / Tuesday morning.
When do we have to pay?
Full payment or a minimum of 50% (for bookings) is required before the session. If you’re walking in, full payment is required at the studio before the session.

Will I get my raw copies?
Yes, you can get your unedited or raw copies at a fee of #1000Naira per copy. However, if you’re a bliss member you are eligible to get all of your raw or unedited copies at no extra fee at all. It is completely free for you.

Are your photographers experienced?
All our photographers have several years of experience. We do not hire amateur photographers. We take pride in our work. We are a very small team and we like to keep it that way.
Do I have to bring my own outfits?
Yes please, we do not provide outfits for photoshoots. However, we provide Props and Multiple Backgrounds.
What’s the best time to bring my kids?
Please bring your kids when they are well-rested and fed. It is not a good idea to take photos around nap time. If possible bring their favorite toy and/or other items that can help make them smile. If you have multiple kids, bring someone else to help if possible.
What time do you open?
Our studios are open from 9 am – 6 pm Monday – Saturday and on Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm.
What’s the best time for maternity photos?
We recommend around 7 to 8.5 months or whenever you are already showing and are comfortable.
363 Photography is a one stop shop for everything photography. You drop in here and get everything done! It’s fresh


This is an excellent company! Their customer service is amazing and the environment is so comfortable.


Thank you So much 363 Photography. Your team is easy to work with and your services are top notch.


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