Why do photographers charge so much money (to push a button?)

Have you ever wonder why photographers charge so much?

I know it’s tough to wrap your head around especially if you’re not in the industry. If you’ve ever worked with a good photographer, you will know that it is really expensive.

For instance, when people inquire about our photography pricing and we show or tell them our price list. We hear these words;

You charge how much?!?

What exactly do I get for that?

Why is your photography expensive?

I can get an 8×10 at ABC studio for X amount while you charge XXX amount

But you just push a button all day!

The worst of all; no replies from them again, even when you check back on them.

Why is this? Because good photography is not easy.

As a photographer, you get to hear the word all the time that photography is much too expensive.

With technology advancement cameras are becoming more accessible, user-friendly, and affordable. It’s honestly very easy for anyone to pick up a camera and take a decent photograph.

I mean, look at smartphones these days. Everyone has got a camera-enabled device, many would rather use their phones than use the service of a photographer.

However, what many miss out is that great photography is an investment. It’s more than just having someone show up with a camera or set up a photography studio.

It’s having someone show up with their years of experience coupled with the ability to create a beautiful work that supersedes the client’s expectation. That’s way more than pushing a button.

Here’s what you are really getting when you pay for a professional photographer

Professionalism, Quality & Experience

photography gearsSo many factors make photography expensive, but the first of all and surely the most important is that you are paying for the Skills, Knowledge, Education and Experience the photographer possesses.

Taking photos is simple; taking great photos is very difficult. The photographer might make it look so. They might not seem stressed or even act like they are having fun, but don’t confuse expertise with ease. They are not the same thing.

No matter how good the camera, it’s not as easy as pushing the button and letting it do the math for you. Developing a style and doing good work takes years.



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Professional Photographers have done everything they can to make sure your images are awesome.

These professionals know how to direct you during sessions to make sure everything is natural. They show you how to pose if need be, they know the right angles, the lighting, the right exposure, the right aperture and the right settings to use. The list goes on and on.

Hidden Hours

Photography is full of work that the clients never see.

For instance, a client books a wedding photo session of about 8 hours, while a wedding package might cover 8 hours of actual photography, editing a full days’ worth of wedding photos can take 15 to 20 hours.

Minus other hidden time like;

Over an hour of planning the shoot + time traveling to the shoot + half an hour to set up the equipment + the actual hour at the shoot + time traveling back + about an hour to load and choose the best images + another two hours minimum to edit the images + an hour to load the images online + an hour to order and deliver the prints.

Even short photo shoots like birthday portrait or family sessions take more time behind the scenes than actually taking pictures. Photographers don’t get paid for working a traditional 40-hour workweek either

Photography Business Is Expensive.

The photography business is really, really expensive. Like any other business, photographers have mouths to feed and bills to pay.

There are a lot of business expenses such as studio rent, advertising, new equipment, website maintenance, continuing education, and taxes to name a few.

photography gears expensiveWith all of those expenses in mind, photographers still have to turn a profit.

The cost of renting or buying a studio space varies based on geographic location—but it’s a safe bet that you can factor in at least a few hundred Naira a month/year for just space, photography gear cost more thousands, with at least a thousand for lights.

That’s not including the backdrop stand, multiple backdrop options, backdrop floors and of course, props.


What Happens When You Don’t Hire Professional Photographers?

We believe that everyone should take photos, whether it’s of their own kids growing up or the places they travel too. But, there’s a big difference between a casual snapshot and a professional image.

Professional vs Learner



And the truth is bad photography is more expensive than good photography. Bad photography wastes time, money and memories.

Whether you’re getting pictures of your baby or your wedding, imagine the cost of trying to do that again if you don’t like the photos.

You might be able to have another perfectly peaceful moment with your baby but no one in the history of mankind has spent money redoing their wedding because their photography was lame.

When you hire a professional photographer, you’re getting an artist who knows just how to light the shot, how to pose, how to set up the photo.






When you just let guests take pictures, you end up with dark and blurry photos but with a professional photographer, you get images that are just as beautiful as the memories you have of that day.

Good stuff is expensive.

It should be. This principle applies to web design, writing, and almost every other field or industry on the planet.

The next time you question a photographer with their pricing, please keep these things in mind. We’re small business owners with dreams & desires like the rest of you. We love what we do and love our clients. We want to provide incredible memories for years to come.

What do you think? Still, think photography pricing is overrated?