5 good reasons to do a newborn photoshoot with a photographer

The birth of your baby is a very important stage in your life.

It is indeed a real upheaval with the arrival of this little being so awaited and imagined.

This new page in your story is a great time to create lasting memories for your growing or growing family.

Now discover the top 5 reasons to have a photoshoot with your newborn baby with a professional photographer.

  1. Treat yourself to a family break

The birth of your baby is a whirlwind of emotions and novelties, you have to get to know this little one and take your marks, juggle between diapers, feedings or the bottle, the interrupted nights, time flies!

Taking the time for a photoshoot means taking a break from everyday life!

Stop for a few hours, enjoy this moment with your baby.  It is also for some parents to want to fall asleep to the sound of white noises while I take care of their baby. ?

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2. Be in the photos with your baby

This is one of the questions that often comes up when I interact with families during our first contact:

“Can we take pictures of us with our baby?”

During our newborn photoshoot, part of the session is devoted to the photos taken with you.

These family photos are essential to us, to you and to your baby. They are included at no extra charge in the studio offers.

On a daily basis, you have little opportunity to be together in the photos.

I regularly have mothers who love photography a lot and photograph their babies a lot with their dad. They themselves regret being seldom photographed.

The newborn photoshoot is, therefore, an opportunity to capture memories of the baby with his mother then with his dad and then parents together with their newborn.

Do you have elders? So you might book a session with the whole family.


3. Capture the first days of your baby with a professional

During the first weeks of life, your baby will change very quickly. The birth session then allows you to keep in memories the first days of his life and to remember those moments.

Choosing a professional trained in newborn photography to take your baby’s birth photos allows you to have quality photos.

I also advise you to take a good look at the work and training of the professional you choose. The studio and environment of the photographer must suit your expectations and he/she must respect the safety, physiology and well-being of your baby.

There are different styles in birth photography. At 363 photography studio, we have different choices of soft, simple, natural and timeless environment that you can find in part on the page dedicated to the baby sessions.

Each session is different depending on your baby and the wishes you have.

Top 5 Reasons To Do A Newborn Photoshoot With A Professional Photographerbaby photography lagos4. Have pretty photos for your invitation

The announcement card is for many families an important object to present the baby and ritualize the birth to those around him.

What could be better than professional photos to showcase your little one and keep lovely memories for you and your loved ones?

The invitation is also a keepsake that you can keep and show your baby when he grows up.

5. Share and display your memories

Take the time to order an album that you will enjoy for many years to come. You can then share it with your grown child.

Share these images with your loved ones. Give an album to grandparents or godparents.

Pull photos to put in your baby’s birth album.

Enlarge your favourite photos to showcase them at home.

Once your baby has grown, these photos will be the only professional-quality material memories you will keep of these moments so magical but also so fleeting.

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