You are already pregnant, and you want to take care of yourself so that everything goes perfectly. Everyone around you tells you what to do or not have to do, sometimes with reason, other times without foundation. It can be frustrating, I know, but there are some healthy habits during pregnancy that you should follow.

These tips below will benefit your body and mind, empower you to achieve a healthier pregnancy, and prevent unnecessary risks. Don’t worry if you just found out that you are pregnant, you have time to change your habits and “get in shape”.


Five tips to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy

It is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy for the proper growth and well-being of your baby. Usually, hormonal changes, morning sickness, and other physical changes are common during pregnancy. However, these changes leave you tired and low on energy and make it difficult to stick to a healthy diet plan during pregnancy.

According to WHO a Nigerian woman has a 1 in 22-lifetime risk of dying during pregnancy, childbirth, or postpartum/post-abortion compared to 1 in 4900 lifetimes of other nations. It is therefore important that you make healthy choices for your health as well as for the growth of your baby. After all, only a healthy woman can raise a healthy baby.


Avoid sugary and junk food:

A good diet is essential at any stage of life, but especially during pregnancy. 

You should avoid junk food and sugar as much as possible during pregnancy. They do not have any nutritional benefits and just add calories to your body. 

Even, processed carbohydrates like white bread, breakfast cereals, pasta, bakery products, etc. get stored in your body in the form of fats.

You may be hungry at all times, but remember to choose healthy snacks, do not eat raw foods or little cured. 

Avoid industrial pastries and in general sweets and food with excess saturated fat.


Keep your body hydrated:

Staying well-hydrated during pregnancy by drinking enough water is essential to stay healthy, to prevent problems such as obesity, varicose veins, oedema, constipation, etc.

It is recommended to drink at least two liters of water daily during pregnancy, probably more if it is summer and whenever you’re thirsty.

You can also opt for natural juices (better than packaged ones), milk, homemade smoothies, and having plenty of fruit and vegetables will also keep you well hydrated.


Get a good amount of rest and sleep:

Hormonal and physical changes in your body due to pregnancy can leave you tired. 

So, you need more rest and napping if you are pregnant. Make sure to take enough rest so that your body can recover and restore its lost energy. Listen to your body and just sit back and relax whenever you are tired and low on energy. 

A minimum sleep of 8 hours is required during pregnancy for the healthy growth of a baby. Let’s try a good quality of sleep (although in the last trimester the matter gets complicated), let’s continue exercising and doing activities that clear us, that entertains us and that relaxes us.


Make an exercise plan:

If there is no medical contraindication or risk for pregnancy, regular exercise provides multiple benefits to the mother and the baby. The moment and the rhythm with which we start will depend on each woman and what she is used to, but in general there are no limits to this and you can continue with physical activity until the end of pregnancy.

There are some more suitable exercises for pregnant women, such as swimming and other exercises in the water, walking, yoga, and cycling depending on what you enjoy. In addition, let’s not forget the exercises to prepare for childbirth (attending classes can help us in many ways and also prepares us for the arrival of the baby) and some important ones such as Kegel to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Follow a moderate exercise activity plan that you enjoy in order to stay active during pregnancy.


Avoid Stress:

Try avoiding as much stress as possible for the health and well-being of your baby. 

With so many changes in your life due to pregnancy, you are bound to get some amount of stress, however, you need to manage your stress level efficiently for your own and your baby’s health. 

Taking too much stress during pregnancy can weaken your immunity system and lead to pre-term labour. 

So, take some time out of your daily schedule and relax to have a healthy pregnancy.

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In Conclusion,

Mental health is also important and we need to be as close to 100% as possible for the baby’s arrival. It is not always easy, especially if we already have previous children and especially at the end of pregnancy, but we must try to rest as much as possible and keep stress away from our lives. 

Nourishing your body with healthy food, exercising, and avoiding stress will help you in having a healthy pregnancy and ensuring the well-being of your baby.

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We wish you a safe and blissful motherhood!