why you need a photography session

Have you ever been so heartbroken you feel worthless? I hope not, but that was how 26-year-old Toyin felt one sad day when she received the worst heartbreak of her life.

Her boyfriend whom she was hoping to marry, told her during an argument that he was just managing her, and that she was too ugly and substandard for him.

She cried for days and felt worthless and ugly. She lost confidence and refused to take pictures of herself.
Worse still, she did not break up with her boyfriend, who continued to treat her badly.

She was afraid no one else would date her. Her friends tried to cheer her up, and convince her she was beautiful and that she should not be afraid to break out of such a loveless relationship, but she refused. She felt they were just lying to her to make her feel better.
A few months later, close to her birthday, her friends decided to surprise her with a photoshoot.

They told her another friend was getting a photoshoot and needed her support. She obliged, but on getting to the studio, she realized that her friends had arranged the photoshoot for her. And were also going to take a shot with her for her birthday.

She could not get out of it and was forced to agree. Halfway through her makeup session at the studio, her mood had lightened! She was having such a fun time with her friends in our studios while getting prepped. She saw other ladies like her coming to take pictures with their husbands, children, and loved ones, looking happy and confident, which boosted her self-esteem.

Then it was time for her shoot session. At first, she was shy, but the photographer was patient with her; he told her she looked beautiful and gave her pose ideas.

Her friends joined in dishing out funny poses that made her laugh. Before long, she got in the groove, completely enjoying herself as she laughed from the heart for the first time in months.

After the shoot, she saw the pictures and could not believe her eyes. It was like she was seeing herself for the first time. She looked good! In the first set of photographs, she did not smile and looked intimidated, but the last set was a complete transformation. Her joy was contagious! She chose the pictures she wanted from each set because they told a story of her transformation process and asked that they be framed.

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On her birthday, she posted pictures from the session on her page and got so many likes with many suitors in her dm. Even her boyfriend liked the pictures on Instagram, and when he visited her the next time and saw the frames on the wall, he said, “These pictures are cute. Are you sure it is you?” “Yes, it is me.”

She replied and pointed to the framed pictures without a smile. “I was always beautiful, you see? But I never knew it and was always shy. But see how I transitioned to being confident in my skin?”

She pointed to the pictures where she smiled and posed with confidence and said: “This is the new me, and she’s too beautiful to be in a relationship where she’s treated like trash. You can let yourself out.” She pointed to the door.

You see, a photography session is not just for cute pictures, (although that’s a major reason!). For some people like Toyin, it is therapeutic! The process and outcome can boost confidence and help people make life-changing decisions, while for some others, it is bonding time for family and friends.

A photography session is invaluable; everyone needs one. Every life is worth living and worth living well; therefore, every life is worth recording, and every moment deserves a scene in the story of your life.

What better way to capture life, preserve memories and tell stories than through professional photography?

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words; they play an important role in everyone’s life; they connect us to our past, remind us of who we are, and help us stay true to what we believe.

They remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. But not just any pictures, but very good ones like the ones we create at 363 Photography.

So you can see that there are many reasons you should be taking pictures. Book a photography session with us right away and do not just show up for the session; enjoy the entire process. Thank goodness we have a conducive studio for you, your family, and friends to have a relaxed and fun experience.

See you soon!