Do you ever find yourself not knowing how to pose for pictures? Welcome! You are not the only one with this challenge.

Figuring out how to pose for pictures can be one of the hardest parts of taking pictures. Although it is expected for a photographer to help his/her subject look their best, a lot of people fear having their pictures taken, many even consider themselves not very photogenic.

They become stiff, their expressions change and they are unsure where to look. Their hands show their nervousness, and they often become fidgety and uncomfortable.

So in order to prevent you from cringing at yet another picture of yourself, we have collected these tips with the help of some experts so you can take a good photo.



Never go to your photoshoot unprepared. Being prepared can help you to feel more confident, enabling you to break the ice and create an atmosphere that’s laid-back and fun.

Start by looking at pictures of yourself, both those you find flattering and the ones you don’t.

Do a full-body scan and identify what went right or wrong. Did you love your facial expression?

Did you find your posture lovely? What were you doing with that right arm? Etc.

pose for picturesPosing Techniques

With good posture, an air of mystery, and a smile, you can exude confidence, class, and charisma in all of your photos.

Here are some posing techniques that will help you get ready for action.

Start with Head.

pose like a model 2022It is best to avoid taking a photo of the face straight-on. When you angle your face slightly away from the camera, this allows for no shadows.

Move your head comfortably so that your pose does not look forced. Sometimes, facing the camera directly can make you feel stiff and show an unnatural facial expression.

Avoid “straight to camera” body position.

photography studio in IkejaThink angles. Think relaxed. Shift your weight to one foot or the other. Don’t slouch; make sure that your shoulders are back.

Moving your body can and should be very subtle and slight, but you never want to be 100 percent facing the camera, straight on.


Use a natural smile.

Nothing can ruin a photo faster than a fake smile. Forced emotion will make the photo look just that – forced.

Ignore your possible insecurities and smile naturally. Wet your lips before smiling, either by licking them or applying lip balm. This will prevent any unsightly cracks and will add a little more light to your face.

Don’t exaggerate your poses or facial expressions, try to do what feels natural while keeping the above rules in mind. Trying too hard makes the photo look staged and uncomfortable.

Being photographed should be fun and painless.  Relax, enjoy yourself and incorporate the tips above and you’ll look fabulous!  I hope you are able to learn how to pose for pictures.

Feel free to share your best photo tips in the comments below!