Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Without Throwing A Party


It is that time of the year again, another time to celebrate that amazing child but you want to make that child’s day special in a whole new manner. Below are some tips we got from parents who happen to bring their kids to the studio for a birthday shoot.

  • LET YOUR CHILD DECIDE: Why don’t you just let the child decide what he/she wants for the day. Maybe all he wants is a full day finishing that video game & imagine how happy he will be if you play alongside him with a steady line of candy coming in or maybe all she wants is a day to herself in the bedroom without any disturbance albeit you drop her some few surprises at her door.


  • HAVE A SLEEPOVER: How about having one or two of their friends spend the night at your house. Nothing beats the joy of having fun all night with your closest friends!


  • SPECIAL LUNCH BOX TREAT: So the birthday is on a school day, why don’t you place a full pack of your child’s favorite cookies or have that ice cream delivered to add spice and create wonderful memories.


  • DINNER AT FAVOURITE RESTAURANT: Imagine taking your child to his/her favorite restaurant for a dinner that wasn’t planned and then add some close friends of your child to the mix & you have made that day real special!


  • SHOPPING SPREE: Who doesn’t want to go to their favorite toy/cloth store to pick whatever they want. I am sure the smile the child will beam will be worth every penny!

So you got these 5 ways to create special memories for your children on their birthday!

Got more tips to share, comment below!