Top 5 best and fun places to visit in Lekki, Lagos this weekend (even when you don’t have money)


Lagos is broadly eminent for its quick-paced, shine-your-eyes, hustle and bustle lifestyle. Honestly, if Lagos is the only state you have been to in Nigeria, you might think Lagos is the beginning and end of Nigeria.

You might even think life starts and finishes in Lagos, but I promise your perspective of Nigeria will change when you visit other parts of the country.

But beyond all these, Lagos it’s a fun, interesting, exciting city that has no shortage of amazing places to visit and have fun.

In Lagos, it is very easy to catch fun and spend money. Regardless of whether you’re financially rich or poor, you’ll always find a spot to hang out as per the size of your pocket.

Besides the size of your pockets, our individual meaning of fun likewise varies. But irrespective of what your meaning of fun is, there are places you can visit whether you have money or not.

For instance, you can simply take yourself and your companions to any shopping center, art, and museums, including some beautiful parks, stroll about and take decent pictures.

This life isn’t that difficult. Read also the top best event venues for all occasion in Lagos.

If you live in Lagos or you plan to visit for the weekend, here are 5 Top best and fun places to visit in Lekki, Lagos

1. Nike’s Art Gallery

Nike Art GalleryIf you are a lover of art, then Nike Art Gallery is a must visit place. Nike Art Gallery is arguably one of the top art gallery owned by Nike Okundaye.

The art gallery located in Lekki, Lagos is a four storey building and thus the largest from the whole lot. Nike Art Gallery has become one of the largest privately owned art gallery in Africa.

In fact, it has emerged as one of the world’s network chains for art and culture lovers as well as collectors.

Each and every branch of the art gallery includes a collective mixture of the culture of ethnic, contemporary, orthodox and traditional artworks. With over 8,000 diverse artworks from different Nigerian artists.

So if you are visiting expect to see various paintings in different media, batik, fabrics, paper, canvas, embroidery, bead works. Sculptures and aluminum and copper work are also presented there.

Nike art is one of the fun places to visit in Lekki.

Nike Art Gallery

Cost of entry is free, but the artworks cost between a few thousand and millions of naira.

Fun things to do at Nike Art Gallery

Explore different types of artworks from textiles, drawings, statues, handmade materials etc.

Watch how to make Adire, batik, indigo, beadwork, painting, carving, embroidery, metalwork, weaving and drumming.

Learn about Nigeria’s rich traditional history

Try your hands on some crafts

Take lots of pictures

Take a cup of coffee at the Café

2. Amusement Parks and Gardens

Amusement park

According to LAspark about 327– Parks and Gardens have been established and maintained statewide. These include; 3 Public Event Parks, 297-Gardens, 31-schools, 2-Community Parks and Gardens.

Among many other popular parks in Lagos is the freedom park

Freedom Park

Freedom park

Freedom Park was once served as Nigeria’s colonial rule, today, it is a serene location with a beautiful natural display. Visitors can view the former cell layout of the old prison grounds, the Wole Soyinka Art gallery and enjoy local and select foreign cuisine.

Every third Friday of the month, the Afropolitan Vibes concert, which is a mashup of Afropop and traditional Yoruba, is held at the park.

Freedom Park is freely open to the public, unless on concerts days.

3. The Beach

Lagos is a coastal city and it’s known for the array of beaches it possesses. If you are the type that likes nature and water, then going to the beach would do you a world of good.

Lagos beachPopular Beaches in Lagos include

Lekki Beach

Alpha Beach

Oniru Beach

Elegushi Royal Beach

Badagry Beach

Kuramo Beach

Tarkwa Bay Beach (you’ll get there through a boat)

4. Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre

Established in 1990, Lekki Conservation Centre is located in the coastal environs covering an approximate land area of 78 hectares.

It extends from kilometer 19 along the Lagos-Epe Expressway and ends up a very close distance to the Atlantic Ocean near Okun Ibeju Village, Eti-Osa Local Government Area in the Eastern district of Lagos State.

Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) has grown into one of Africa’s prominent and most-diverse urban Nature Parks due to its high species richness.

The conservation centre is a peaceful domain that offers a getaway from the ordinary everyday hustle life of Lagos.

Fun things to look out for at Lekki Conservation Centre

401-meter long canopy walkway in Africa.

Family Park Tree House

Nature Station

Bird Hide

Swamp Look-out Station


96-Seater Gazebos, 6 and 8-seater Family Huts

Floor Games (Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Draught, Chess and Street Tennis)

Koi & Tilapia ponds

Beach Volleyball courts & Spectators’ pavilion

Barbecue Joints

Jungle gym facilities (Zip Lines, monkey bars, etc)

You can check the entrance fee and make your enquires here

5. Get Arena


Have you tried a burger with a go-kart whizzing by you at 70 miles per hour? If all you want to do this weekend is racing, Get Arena is the spot to be.

Located opposite Lagos Oriental Hotel off Ozumba Mbadiwe road, it offers apparently the best Go Karts in the nation. The leisure center can be accessed via the Lekki Epe Expressway. It is a 20 minutes’ drive from the Muri Okunola Park.

GET Arena is Nigeria’s first and only all-encompassing entertainment, corporate, social, and adrenalin-fueled establishment.

Fun things to do at Get Arena

Go Kart

Arcade games for kids

Eat and Drink


We’ve shared Top 5 astounding and fun places in Lagos you can visit this end of the week.

Ever wonder why we have a large number of event venues spread across the whole of Lagos State? Lagosians love to party.

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Are there any other fun places in Lagos you’ll like to add? Do you have questions? Kindly leave a comment below.