Family-friendly movies you can watch this weekend

From adventure to comedy, we’ve put together these fantastic family movies for everyone in your home. Pick a few flicks and make a movie night out of it.

The Man of God. 

The movie sees a young man, Sam, caught up in the harsh reality of a desire to live a life of Faith despite many other things fighting for his soul.

The Adam Project

The number on our list is one movie parents can feel confident recommending to older kids. Ryan Reynolds stars as Adam, a man who has travelled back in time to save humanity and handled some of his emotional baggage surrounding his parents.


The Mitchells vs. The Machines

This is an animated film that has something for everyone. The story is simple until it’s chaos: the Mitchell family is out for a road trip right before daughter Katie starts film school. But then, the robot uprising begins. You know all our smart tech has finally had enough of us and wants to take over.


My Octopus Teacher

Looking to give your kids a completely different kind of movie night? Then you will enjoy this documentary about a filmmaker who needs to get away from it all — and retreats to the shores of South Africa. 

He meets an octopus who becomes his new friend. The two spend nearly a year together, and their connection is genuine and powerful.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

This inspiring film set in a small farming village in Malawi is about a boy called Williams. While his story may read like a middle-school assignment, his education is taken away before he conceives a windmill-power generator to solve his town’s problems. It’s the kind of motivational story that science-obsessed kids might love.