Are you camera shy? Well, we have good news for you – there is a cure! The following tips, when put to good use, will turn that camera shyness into camera boldness, and help you be you on (or off) camera.

First things first, love your imperfections.

Whether on or off-camera, you MUST learn to love your imperfections just as much as your perfections. They make you relatable and likable, and that is a good thing! So throw the idea of “everything must be perfect” out the window. 

As soon as you begin to accept yourself as you really are, you will get to know the real you, and that is the person that the world needs to see!

You are not alone. So be yourself

For many people, having their photos taken is a scary proposition. So don’t worry too much because you are not alone. 

We all have our fears & insecurities & in front of the camera, these self-doubts are often magnified. There is no hiding from the camera & when we’re feeling shy, it’s hard to move outside of our comfort zone. The more natural you feel, the more relaxed you will be in front of the camera.

Don’t make too many changes to your appearance before you are photographed. Now is not the time for trying out a new haircut or lip colour.

If you usually wear jeans & a comfy top, don’t feel that you need to put on a dress for your photoshoot. We want to capture the real you & sometimes camera shyness comes from a place of uncertainty.

Practice makes…Good

You thought we were going to say perfect, didn’t you? We already got rid of perfect, remember? 

The more practice and experience you have, the more predictable your experience will be and the more comfortable you will feel. Period. So practice, practice, practice until being on camera feels more natural and predictable.

Practically, you can do the following:

  • Take photos of yourself with different facial expressions.
  • Post your pictures regularly on your social media pages, you can start with Whatsapp.
  • Practice filming yourself several times and watch it back. You can learn what you might want to change and also get used to seeing and hearing yourself on film.

Feel like a star! 

Do you have a favorite outfit or hairstyle you like to wear? Then wear it! Whatever makes you feel confident, comfortable, and like a million worth of net worth– even if it costs money – you should wear that!

How you feel even before you walk into our studio will greatly determine how you feel when you start the session.

Trust your photographer. 

Trust is the key ingredient to any relationship & this is true for the relationship you have with your photographer. You’re opening up to both them & their camera. You need to trust that they will sympathetically capture your true likeness.

In conclusion

Camera shyness is completely normal. It’s perfectly common to feel uneasy whilst in front of the camera. I mean, even celebs feel the same way.

Hopefully, these tips will help increase your boldness next time you are photographed.