5 Family Photoshoot Ideas

Photography in general is all about capturing memories that last a lifetime. Families also tend to create time to come together in having a photoshoot that will create moments that last forever. As a choice family photographer, we decided to come up with these 5 Tips for Your Family Photoshoot. 


The family photoshoot must speak life, love & vibes and no better way of expressing all that than making use of colourful outfits. Don’t be afraid of patterns or being creative on colours as long as there isn’t any disturbing logo and it compliments, you are good to go! Oftentimes, the mother and daughter tend to decide the colour tone of the shoot which is lovely but the professional advice is they wear the same colour in different ways. One way to know if your colour game is spot on is by looking at the mirror & making an honest review of what you see.


For a family with toddlers, let the young call the shots and create wonderful poses that will bring about some natural smile on the face of everyone at large. This will radiate positive energy for the shoot which will be evident in the pictures. 

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Another important thing to note is do not stiffen up the toddlers when trying to get them to behave.


This is a very important tip to consider when having any photoshoot at all. Consider the weather, comfortability & all when choosing an outfit for the photoshoot. The reason for this is because any discomfort from the outfit will be evident in the pictures taken. What to wear is important but the outcome of what the family is wearing must portray beauty and calm so ensure you have the best and comfortable outfit.


Take turns to put every member of the family in the spotlight and have everyone focusing on them. Starting from the youngest upwards, let the remaining people turn towards the spotlight and give him/her a smile and believe us, that is a big turn on.


Ensure that anyone who looks at the picture simply guesses that this is a family full of love, fun and all that a family is all about. Be free to give hugs, chat, dance and make merry while having the shoot to bond more and these are the memorable moments you will forever cherish years later.

So keep it simple, have fun and make use of these 5 tips for your family photoshoot. 

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