Consider this before choosing a photographer


Oftentimes, in trying to make a decision, we do a bit of research and try to make the best decision from the things we learnt. The same goes for Photography & that is why we decided to come up with this article titled “4 essential things to consider before choosing a photographer.”

4 essential things to consider before choosing a photographer

Being your family photographer of choice, we contacted some clients & asked what they considered before choosing us and we collated the responses with the professional advice of our Photographers and came up with the following “4 essential things to consider before choosing a photographer.”


This can be arguably the biggest factor to consider before making a decision of which photographer or photography agency to use. To put it simply, there is a bit of quality that comes with an expensive good/service. Nevertheless, getting the best of your money should always be what you must look out for.

For us at 363 Photography, we ensure that our clients get the best & top-notch quality of our services at all times. So set out the particular amount you want to spend for the shoot, research the various photographers, compare prices and make a list of some selected photographers and then move to the other factor you need to consider.

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Another important thing to consider is what that photographer has done. Going through the works of the photographer will give you an insight of what the photographer specializes in. This will make you know if the photographer is more of a wedding photographer, a vacation photographer, a family photographer and all this will make you pick the right decision that will be tailored to the kind of shoot you want to do.

The advantage of going through the portfolio is that you will make the best decision as a result of the works of the photographer and not just the cost of the photographer.

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This is also a very crucial factor that should determine your choice of photographer. The ability to make a very random pose speaks volumes is down to the creativity of the person behind the lens of the camera. There is also the photo editing skills to consider and this only highlights the importance of the Portfolio factor as the level of creativity of that photographer will be evident in the works. There is no need to look for the extreme arts but will the photographer be able to take a stone and make a mansion out of it?



This factor may seem less important till the day of the shoot and for a reason the photographer is the reason why you are a bit touchy and this will be evident in the pictures as simply put, photography is all about capturing emotions.

To get an idea of how the photographer relates with people, you can contact the photographer on a phone call and engage in conversations that will give you an idea of the kind of person that the photographer is. It might be that during the shoot, you are tense and just a joke or a comment from the photographer will bring out a beautiful smile that when captured will be the perfect one!

Deciding to have a photographer is because you want to capture memories that last a lifetime & so you have to be able to get the best to make that happen. So we believe if you can consider these 4 essential things to consider before choosing a photographer, you will be guided in making the best decisions.

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